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Annual Budget

The Parish Council will define an annual budget, based upon known and proposed expenditure for the following year. Click HERE for the budget schedule (link temporarily unavailable)

Budget considerations commence in November of each year (with finalisation of requirements by December), such that the total likely expenditure can be defined, allowing identification of the ‘precept’ to be made and requested from the Cheshire East Council.



The ‘precept’ is the primary source of income for the Parish Council, and is recharged to local electors through the Council Tax bill. The amount payable by each bill payer is formulated based upon the amount required, divided by the number of ‘Band D’ properties within the Parish.


The precept requests for current and previous years are detailed below:




Per Council Tax bill

2017-2018 £21,000 £10.15





£26,100 £13.14
2013-2014 £13,000 £6.87
2012-2013 £37,800 £20.00
2011-2012 £22,000 £11.64
2010-2011 £31,000 £16.40
2009-2010 £0 (nil) £0 (zero)
2008-2009 £18,000 £9.52
 Details of the precept calculation are available HERE (temporarily unavailable)


Expenditure is monitored throughout the year and final audited accounts are prepared. A summary of such is available below:

FY2017/ 2018 - Expenditure (temporarily unavailable)          


Scheme of Members Expenses
A 'Scheme of Members Expenses' had been defined that details the scope and limitations of permitted expense claims. Click HERE to view the Scheme.

It is a requirement that any expenses (or reimbursements) claimed by the Members of the Parish Councillor are formally recorded and available for clear scrutiny.

A 'List of Expenses Claimed by Members' will be published at the end of each financial year (April-March) as follows (click to view):

FY2017/ 2018 - List of Expenses Claimed by Members (temporarily unavailable)

Audited Accounts





External Audit 2017/2018

The external auditor has completed the audit and the following documents are available for public inspection (click to view):

Notice of Completion of Audit 

Auditors Interim Certification

Auditors Final Certificate

Annual Governance and Accountability Return Sections 1 and 2