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Council Meetings

Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council meets on scheduled dates at approximately monthly intervals. Meetings are attended by the Parish Councillors, external organisation representatives where relevant (eg, Cheshire Police, Cheshire East Council officers, local businesses, etc.).

Further meetings may be called on an 'as required' basis (eg, to discuss an important issue that cannot wait untill the next scheduled meeting). These are generally referred to as 'extraordinary meetings'.

Meetings are held in the church hall of St Peters Church Hall, Middlewich Road, Bradfield Green/ Leighton cum Minshull Vernon.

Each meeting follows a formalised agenda, and minutes of the meeting are recorded by the Parish Clerk. Meeting dates, copies of agendas and minutes are publicly available, and can be viewed on the web by clicking here - MEETINGS, AGENDA's & MINUTES.

Specific agenda items will be discussed amongst the Parish Councillors, and where appropriate, a democratic vote will be undertaken to approve items and issues.

Members of the Public are welcome to attend the meetings, and a 'Public Question Session' is available at the beginning of each meeting for expression of any interest or area of discussion.

If you are a member of the Public, and would like to attend any meeting, please contact the Parish Clerk for further information, and to confirm your attendance.

Please note: Members of the Public may only make representation to the Parish Council by prior arrangement - this is to ensure time is used wisely, and to enable any required information that supports the representation to be obtained in advance.

Annual Meetings

An Annual Parish Meeting is held on the same evening as the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council. These are two separate and distinct meetings but are held for convenience on the same evening.

The Annual Parish Meeting can be attended by local government electors
registered for the parish. If present,the Parish Council Chairman must chair the Parish Meeting. In her absence, the Vice-Chairman must preside if she is present; otherwise the meeting must elect its own chairman from those present. A Parish Meeting may discuss parish affairs, and resolutions may be passed which the Parish Council is obliged to consider but not necessarily accept.

The Annual Parish Meeting must assemble annually between 1 March and 1 June. Proceedings must not begin before 6 pm. Decisions are taken by a majority of those present and voting.

At the Annual Parish Council Meeting, it is normal to present the Annual Report (see below) which reports on activities during the preceeding year and outlines plans for the future.

Click to view:

Annual Report 2015-2016