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Parish Councillors

The Chairman of the Parish Council is Les Horne.

The Vice Chairman of the Parish council is Clive Stringer.

There are 22 seats available upon Minshull Vernon and District Parish Council, representing the ward areas of Leighton Rural, Leighton Urban, Minshull Vernon and Woolstanwood.

Those representing specific wards may have a defined interest in that ward, for example they may reside or work in that area.

If you have a query, it may be more practicable to contact a Parish Councillor who is associated with a specific ward (as they may have better knowledge of that area), however ANY Parish Councillor (or the Clerk) can be contacted to discuss your issues or concerns.

s of June 2019, there are four vacancies upon the Minshull Vernon and District Parish Council.

We welcome enquiry from any person that is interested in becoming a member of the Parish Council. Details of expectations and eligibility requirements can be found by clicking

Leighton (Rural)
Connor Naismith
Margaret Smith
Leighton (Urban)
Byron Evans
Lisa Hamlett
Sean Houlston
Michael Stanley
Clive Stringer
Kathryn Stringer
Jim Weir
Minshull Vernon
Ian Baxter
Les Horne
Linda Horne
Dawn Kay
Stuart Kay
Mike McGlone
Brian Palin
Brian Silvester
Philip Williams

Code of Conduct

n accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011, The Parish Council have adopted a Code of Conduct that applies to the conduct of Members when acting in their official capacity. View the Code of Conduct HERE.

Associated to the requirements of the Code of Conduct, the Members of the Parish Council are required to provide details of both their pecuniary and non pecuniary interests, and a legal requirement (of the Relevant Authority (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012) is that these details are published such that they are publically available to view. These are detailed below, in the format of 'General Notice of Registrable Interests'. These will be published shortly.